LMS – Learning Management System. This application manages the full features of the online learning management system. An instructor create an account & submit courses. Super admin reviews instructor profiles & their courses. Admin takes action as approved or suspend. When an instructor is approved then this instructor comes to a public website. Also same action for the course from admin approval. When an instructor updates the approved course then it comes to the admin panel for review as an updated course. When a course is approved by the admin then it’s listed in the website view. A user/ student view course details & enroll in this course & view full videos from his/her panel. When a course is successfully sold then the amount goes to admin provided account. Amin send money to the instructor’s account that he/she provides from the instructor panel “Payment setting options”


Intallation Process Smart Installer
Design With Responsive
Panel Super Admin/ Instructor/ Student Panel
3 Types of One Place Admin/Instructor/Student
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